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Two-Footed Talk | Time to re-evaluate Mourinho’s time at United – Would fans have him back?

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It’s Ben here, a northerner who has recently decided to move down south. Living in Salford I could see Old Trafford as soon as I walked out my door, there in all its glory. You know the feeling of when you used to get new boots as a kid, that was the best wasn’t it? Them Adidas predators with the tongue strap, yeah that was a bit of me, putting them on before a game thinking you’re going to strike the ball like Beckham. Now I’m more into my kits- whether it’s a retro United vibe, that PSG x Jordan masterpiece or collecting a kit from my latest travels. Also big up the socials, I love presenting and producing content and just having a laugh with it all so make sure you follow me and get involved